Bored with your current training routine and looking for something to up your fitness level? Boxing could be just the thing for you!

Previously considered a sport only for competitive purposes, boxing has now become a popular favourite for getting fit. Boxing for fitness purposes provides you with the benefits of traditional boxing without taking punches from an opponent or suffering trauma to the head. Your risk of injury as opposed to being in a boxing ring is therefore reduced.

Boxing provides a total body workout, burns fat, shapes and tones. Combined with isolated training exercises, boxing is an effective total body workout. All body areas are covered providing a useful balance between resistance and cardio training. An intense 60 minute boxing session can get you burning up to 500-600 calories. Besides burning fat, you build muscle mass. Building long lean muscles will give you a more shaped and toned appearance.

The likelihood of monotony is reduced by incorporating various movement routines, aerobic exercise, and resistance training into your boxing sessions. Movements include combining squats, lunges, stepping, skipping and cycling into your routine. Following your personal trainer or group trainer by punching the air with choreographed movements according to music provides aerobics-type boxing. Hitting a punching bag provides resistance and strength training into your routine.

If you are interested in taking up boxing, working with a trainer is definitely a good start. A trainer can provide you with the safety skills, correct technique and a series of great exercises to incorporate into your routine to make sure your experience is safe, focused and fun.