How effective is it training with a personal trainer as opposed to training on your own?

If you are a novice to the training scene, working with a personal trainer presents a myriad of benefits. A personal trainer will teach you good technique and proper form – that in itself reduces your risk of injury. A personal trainer provides you with a sense of accountability, leaving you with little – to no – space for excuses and procrastination. Eating habits will remain in check, as a personal trainer will always be guiding you and encouraging you to make healthier nutritional choices. On days where you feel your energy reserves are low or depleted, a personal trainer will motivate you and push you not only physically, but mentally too. When you think the bar can’t possibly be raised any higher, a personal trainer will urge you to test your limits in a safe and supportive manner.

Even if you are training on your own and knowledgeable about what you’re doing, hiring a personal trainer could prevent boredom by adding new ideas to your training regimen. Oftentimes following the same training routine over and over causes one to reach a plateau, thereby stagnating results. A personal trainer will help you recognize when and how to introduce new training variables to ensure continued results.

Whether you decide to train with or without a personal trainer is up to you, but training with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field in question should never be overlooked. Investing in your best training interests are always at the top of the list with personal trainers, therefore having a personal trainer is always more effective than training on your own.