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We offer one of the best one-on-one and specialized personal training experiences in the Alicante district. Using our expert knowledge and advice, we help to motivate you, coach you and guide you in reaching your training goals. We also understand that good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with performance and training, therefore we incorporate nutritional guidance and recommendations into ensuring you get the best results.

Your fitness journey with us includes the following steps:

  • Consultation.
  • Training Needs Analysis.
  • Fitness Assessments & Monitoring.
  • Training Programs & Coaching Technique.
  • Nutritional Advice & Guidance.

personal training options


Whether you’re a novice to the exercise scene, or an Elite Athlete, your needs will be met with our professionality and specifically tailored training programs. If your focus is losing some unwanted kilos, firming up the flab, gaining more strength, enhancing your fitness performance or improving functioning and condition, we’ve got you covered with the following training programs:

  • Weight-loss & Tone.
  • Flexibility & Balance.
  • Strength & Endurance.
  • Functionality & Control.
  • Endurance & Stamina.

My sport specific training approach allows you to imitate and duplicate movement patters specific to your sport. My specifically formulated movement stimulated exercises allows for the transference of patterns from the weight room to the training field.
I incorporated plyometric training exercises to combine and improve components of:

  • Speed.
  • Power.
  • Explosion.

Once your injuries have been diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated by a licensed physical therapist, I administer follow-up training assistance in one of two ways. Either by providing continued assistance with training as advised by your physical therapist, or I design an exercise program with training coaching taking your contraindications into consideration. My focus would then be to guide and assist you with maintenance or to return you back to your pre-injury fitness levels.

My essential rehabilitation training methods include:

  • Pilates-based exercises
  • Aqua/pool therapy
  • Theraband work

Everybody knows that… “Couples who train together, stay together.” My unique developed couples training program helps assist couples in doing exactly that! From having to shed those unwanted kilos before the special wedding day (wed shed training), to creating a sense of unity through sharing a common fitness goal – I’ve got you covered (in sweat!!!).

Here is why couples should consider training together:

  • Time spent together through fitness bonding.
  • Build a good support structure.
  • Motivation for each other is more likely to produce results.
  • Prioritize and plan together.
  • Enjoy and celebrate the rewards and achievements as a couple.

Avoid the expensive gym fees and enjoy the ambience of your own home with my personalized online training sessions. My – and let me stress – REAL TIME training sessions are focused on you and you only! You get REAL ATTENTION focused on only you, because my platforms are closed.

Convenience, motivation and encouragement through my online training is only a phone/computer screen distance away!

sports massage options


A sports massage is the sport-dependent manipulation of soft muscle tissue in order to enhance training performance and prevent or improve sport related injuries.

I specialize in sport specific massages such as:

  • Cyclists
  • Runners
  • Track & Field Athletes
  • Team Sports
  • Body Building

Pre and Post event Sports Massage is tailored specifically to help an athlete perform at their best, and assist with the recovery process as effectively and quickly after the event has taken place.

Pre event Massage can be performed anytime from two days to immediately prior to an event. Post event Massage should be administered as soon as possible after the event.


    Therapeutic massage incorporates a variety of massage modalities to help relieve pain, enhance restorative bodily functioning and reduce stress. People of any age, activity levels, occupations, even expecting mothers and physically impaired individuals such as wheelchair-bound users could benefit from the therapeutic properties of these massages.

    The primary focus of therapeutic massage is:

    • Recovery
    • Restoration
    • Relaxation

    Muscle activation massage uses specific techniques of tapotement to “wake up” the muscles and nervous system. This unique format of rhythmic percussion acts as a “jumpstarting” agent for muscles to function with maximum potential and efficiency.

    We focus on five types of tapotement, namely:

    • Hacking
    • Tapping
    • Beating
    • Slapping
    • Cupping


    Massage Therapy involves the application of touch therapy to the body, by using various techniques to manipulate the soft muscle tissues to enhance health and wellbeing.

    Massage provides the following benefits:

    • Enhances training performance.
    • Speeds up muscle healing and recovery.
    • Reduces muscle tension and pain.
    • Improves circulation and enhances cardiovascular health.
    • Reduces stress and improves sleep.
    • Increases range of motion.
    • Helps improve posture.
    • Relieves joint pain and spasms.
    • Aids in pre-event muscle activation.
    • Relieves headaches and anxiety.


    Aqua training (water aerobics, pool therapy, water therapy, aqua therapy) involves the performance of various exercises in a waist-deep or chest-deep heated pool.

    Water presents unique beneficial properties such as:

    • Buoyancy – Weight bearing stress on the body is reduced, because the buoyancy of the water decreases gravity effects. This allows you to move with greater ease and places less strain on muscles, joints and bones.
    • Hydrostatic Pressure – Circulation and venous return is improved as hydrostatic pressure increases the pressure on the outside of the body.
    • Thermal Conductivity – Clients can exercise without feeling overheated as water dissipates increased temperature.
    • Resistance – Water provides an excellent and safe form of resistance. The muscles receive a balanced workout as water provides resistance in all directions.
    • Turbulence – The turbulence of water creates an unstable environment thus encourages the stabilizing muscles of the core and body to become stronger in maintaining correct position and posture.

    aqua training options


    My 1-on-1 introductory classes are an excellent way to familiarize you with water especially if you’re new to the aqua training scene. In these classes I take you through a sequence of various movement exercises. Once you are more comfortable and familiar with the movement patterns, you can either choose to continue with private sessions or join one of my smaller group classes. If your focus is receiving more individualized attention, I would advise you to stay with the 1-on-1 sessions.


    My aqua aerobics classes are a fun way to enjoy the water, music and people simultaneously. The movements and exercises are synchronized with the music providing you with choreographed resistance workouts while enjoying the beneficial properties of water.


    Learning how to swim for the first time as an adult can be quite a daunting experience. Adults are often plagued with low-confidence and uncertainty when it comes to being immersed in water. With my adult beginner program I help you overcome your fears by teaching you the basics of swimming, building confidence and becoming comfortable in water.


    Participating in your first open-water swimming event and not knowing how to properly prepare can leave you feeling overwhelmed. With my specifically devised and planned swimming programs, I help you improve your swimming speed, endurance and strength ensuring that you reach your peak performance for your event.


    My unique water-based personal training sessions take you from land to water in a low impact way. Manipulating the various directions of body movements along with the various properties of water I am able to devise a water-based training program addressing your cardio, strength and core stabilizing needs/goals.

    pilates options


    I make use of postural analysis to gain information about the natural state and alignment of the client´s muscle structure and posture. With the information gathered from the analysis I am able to detect physical postural anomalies. I then devise a program or set sequence of exercises to help correct weak muscles through strengthening and overly worked and tight muscles through stretching and elongation. Consistency is fundamental in this regard, because only with consistency is a balanced postural alignment restored. The body functions best when posture is correctly aligned.


      I advise and guide on the best possible ways to improve and maintain good posture through my teachings. Following the postural analysis, I provide feedback as to the correct way of standing, sitting, and lying positions unique to your posture. Should any postural deviations be detected during the analysis, I either refer you to the appropriate specialist (depending on the severity of the anomaly) or I assist you through my corrective Pilates program.


        With my 1-on-1 Pilates sessions you are guaranteed to get that personalized and individual attention that you need. My personalized sessions will ensure that you receive balanced routines. This is important as to make sure high volume repetitions on only certain muscle groups are avoided, and instead balanced and maintained. My personalized program is focused only on you and caters for your specific needs. The chances of risk injury are reduced as I coach you and correct you with proper form. With personalized attention habit is established more quickly as I teach you while you practice your technique.


          Pilates helps to improve standard of living:

          • Improves posture.
          • Increases flexibility.
          • Improves stability and balance.
          • Strengthens the core.
          • Improves awareness.
          SMALL GROUPS

          My small group Pilates provides numerous advantages such as… Accountability – with smaller groups it is easier to notice when someone has not arrived for the session. You will therefore feel a sense of accountability to attend. Cheaper – smaller groups are often cheaper than 1-on-1 sessions. Support – it is easier to relate to others who engage in the same activities as you. Variety – classes provide a variety of levels in training to keep you motivated and focused.


            Pilates is a system of physical fitness that was first developed by Joseph Pilates during the early 20th century. This physical system focuses on strengthening the human body and mind. Pilates follows a holistic philosophy believing that physical health and mental health are interconnected.

            Pilates focuses on 6 fundamental principles:

            • Precision
            • Breathing
            • Flow
            • Centering
            • Concentration
            • Control

            Pilates, if practiced consistently builds strength, improves flexibility and develops physical control and endurance. Emphasis is placed on correct postural alignment, systematic breathing, core strengthening, and improving balance and coordination. The “powerhouse” muscles of the abdomen, lower back and hips are key to maintaining stability. Anyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced is able to participate as exercises are modified according to the competency level of each individual.

            Pilates presents a myriad of benefits including:

            • Complete body fitness.
            • Fitness levels and needs adaptability.
            • Strengthens without bulking.
            • Increases flexibility.
            • Core strength development.
            • Postural improvement.
            • Increased energy levels.
            • Promoted weight loss.
            • Increased mind-body awareness.
            • Many angles to learn.

            GROUP TRAINING

            I offer group training with a maximum of 10 participants. This number ensures that the session is still big enough to be fun, yet small enough to provide quality service. Enjoy the benefits of having motivation, structure, accountability, fun, and support with me as your trainer while building on team unity and cohesion.

            group training options


            Running with a group facilitates social interaction and helps you challenge yourself more than what you would do running on your own. Come and join me as we run along the beautiful coastline of Alicante.


            My outdoor group cycling classes are a great way to escape the four-wall interior and explore the great exterior of the outdoors.


            Get fit, strengthen and tone with my resistance workouts! The focus here is functionality in a group setting, while sharing a common training goal with your team.


            I offer bootcamp training sessions along the beach and in the parks in and around Alicante. Come and push your limits as you experience military-style training workouts!


            My combat sessions are especially for those martial arts and boxing fanatics! Experience a full body workout using only your body as a training tool!

            Classes For All Fitness Levels


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