Has your favourite trusted gym been closed down during the coronavirus pandemic and you need some motivation to keep fit and moving? Look no further!!! My online personal training workouts will make sure you maintain and improve your training objectives.

Depending on your fitness goals, for some – to many – of the workouts no equipment will be needed. Better yet, you can even get those creative juices flowing by substituting stockpiled cans of goods that have been collecting dust from your last stint of panic buying!!!

My online training routines are customized, making it another option to supplement your gym sessions – this is a specifically good option if you’re limited with space at home. All you need to do is inform me of the equipment – if any – you have at home and from there I’ll devise a personalized online training session for you. It’s that easy!!!

Just to give you a taste of what to expect with my online personal training sessions, try out this free thirty minute workout consisting only of OBW (Own Body Weight) exercises with focus on the lower body:

Warm Up.

A series of dynamic stretching, perfect to elevate the heart rate and get the blood warm and circulating.

  1. Alternating march with high knees = 1 minute
  2. Alternating leg pendulum swings = 1 minute
  3. Alternating hip rotations with high knees = 1 minute
  4. Alternating butt kicks = 1 minute
  5. Ankle rotations = 30 seconds each leg

Main Routine.

This routine focuses on the target muscle groups of the day that can also be organized into a split routine.

  1. Squats = 1 minute
  2. Lunges = 1 minute
  3. Air squats = 1 minute
  4. Air lunges = 1 minute

*Rest for 1 minute after each set and repeat 4X.

Cool Down.

A series of static stretching, perfect to bring calm after the storm and return the heart rate back to resting levels.

  1. Quadricep stretch = 30 seconds each leg
  2. Hamstring stretch = 30 seconds each leg
  3. Calf stretch = 30 seconds each leg
  4. Glute stretch = 30 seconds each leg
  5. Adductor stretch = 30 seconds each leg.

For more detailed information about the sample workout above, feel free to email me on: charelle@clewis.es.

Until then… Stay HOME! Stay SAFE! Stay FIT!