Whether you’re an elite athlete, regular gym junkie or simply an office worker leading a sedentary lifestyle, at some stage you are highly likely to experience discomfort or muscular pain due to tension or stress. Sports massage aims at tackling these hurdles, thereby allowing you to enjoy everyday movement and activities in a comfortable and tense-free way.

As we age along with our movement activities – or lack thereof – we have to deal with all sorts of aches and pains either related to overuse injuries, chronic pain, or tension due to muscle imbalances caused by poor posture. With this said, most people have come to find an established love-hate relationship with sports massage. Love in the sense of the end goal – increased joint mobility, muscle tension release, and improved flexibility – BUT hate in the sense of having a sports massage therapist probing and digging into your already tensed muscles.

Helpful advice for first timers to sports massage would be to expel the notion of expecting a relaxing pampering massage – sports massage is anything BUT that! Sports massage involves deep tissue massage focusing on intensive physical therapy administered by a qualified and skilled professional. The massage is likely to be really uncomfortable, even painful at first. The reason for this is that the therapist works deep into the muscles, realigning the fibres of the muscles as well as the connective tissue, thereby flushing away the metabolic waste and toxins.

The best would be to treat sports massage as a preventative measure rather than a cure. In other words, make sports massage a part of your routine. Schedule regular appointments before the pain and discomfort sets in. This combined with a regular stretching routine and exercises that help improve circulation and mobility.

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