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“Charelle has that unique ability to feel exactly where the issues are in your muscles without
you even having to tell or guide her. She is also one of the most professional sports masseuse I have ever encountered with a knowledge level way beyond what you would expect meaning for advice is excellent.”

Ken Kinsey-Quick, CEO. Stellenbosch, South Africa

“Charelle has been an awesome coach, her guidance helped me to greatly improve my swimming endurance while my partner improved a lot her core muscles and learned to swim despite her fear of water. Her massages completely relieved my stiff back and shoulders. She adapted very well to our different needs and made her sessions fun and quite enjoyable!”

Florent Weiller, PhD Student. Rouen, France

“Charelle helped me to stay fit and healthy during my time in SA. She really kept me motivated and was always positive and cheerful!”

Karlijn van der Reest. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“I have been exercising in the gym for many years, aerobics, body conditioning and weight lifting. Meeting Charelle 3 years ago and taking her advice has transformed my workout and made a huge difference to my training Schedule. She has given me a totally new and fresh perspective and also made it far more enjoyable. The muscles I thought had died have come
alive again! Then follows the pleasure of a wonderful massage. Charelle is second to none!”

Victoria Tuffin. United Kingdom

“During my preparation for the UCI Mountainbike World Cup 2018 and in training camps the previous years I really appreciated Charelle’s help. The Sport Massage has helped me to recover faster from hard trainings and getting ready for Racing or training again.
Charelle came with all here equipment to my apartment which was another great benefit.”

Manuel Fasnacht, Professional MTB Cyclist. Switzerland

“I was struggling with a bit of depression and weight issues when I met Charelle. She always had such a positive attitude and motivated me to keep up the good work, even though I didn’t feel like I was making progress. However, she made being active and working out so much fun that it didn’t even feel like working out. In her classes or 1-on-1 was always such a good time
that I didn’t even notice the KGs just slipping away! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the body and health, which helped a lot with my injuries. Now I have an established healthy lifestyle and routine, thanks to her. Fitness is a way of life! Thank you Charelle!”

Terae De Cou. USA

“During my training camps in Stellenbosch the sport massage from Charelle helped me to be able to follow my trainings plan and prepare for the Ironman South Africa. You feel from the first second that she is used to real Athlete massage. It is not just comfortable… ;)”

Thomas Frühwirth, Paratriathlon Ironman world record holder (7h48min),Paralympics Silver Rio de Janeiro, and a lot more... (www.tiggertom.at). Edelsbach, Austria

“As a retired field hockey player and mental health professional I started to make use of Charelle’s services as part of my personal self-care and balanced lifestyle program. Working with Charelle has allowed me to stay in top physical and mental shape. She is an incredibly
inspiring individual and very professional in her approach. I recommend her services with confidence.”

Vidette Ryan, retired Olympian (field hockey) and Educational Psychologist. Stellenbosch, South Africa

“Charelle gave me a couple of relaxing massages when i was stressed from work. She is an expert in her field and i would recommend her to anyone who needs a good massage.”

G. Lewis, Clinical Psychologist. Russia

“Charelle is passionate and excited to assist in getting my body goals, she makes you want to get up and get active. Today my eating and training habits I attribute to her. Still the best massage I’ve received! This is a personal trainer who stays with you long after training.”

Leescha, Psychology Student. Windhoek, Namibia

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